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Lisa Dawn "Inside Tangerines"

Lisa Dawn "Inside Tangerines"
Lisa Dawn "Inside Tangerines"
MetArtX 2017-05-19 Lisa Dawn "Inside Tangerines" by James Cook
With her luscious long blonde hair and slender body, Lisa Dawn is perfection personified. Dressed in a partly transparent, white summer dress, the blue-eyed Ukrainian beauty peels an orange and licks it sensually. Her legs are spread exposing her shaved pussy, and she tugs her shiny labia wide to reveal her slick, inner pinkness. She trails her fingers along her slit, before rubbing the tips of them in a circular motion over her clit. Craving the sun on her silky smooth skin, she removes the dress, lies back on a lounger and finger drills her pussy while simultaneously groping her big, beautiful breasts. There are no prizes for guessing when her actions will take her.
FullHD 1920x1080 MP4 Format. 11:36 min. Size: 415.99 MB. Released: May 19, 2017

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