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Silvie & Kaylee "Underwater Lover"

Silvie & Kaylee "Underwater Lover"
Kaylee and Silvie make love under water. It is only Kaylee's second time with a girl, but her bisexual side seems to be flourishing ;-)
Both of them being so gorgeous, it is no wonder that their lesbian inclinations were incited while shooting this scene. I mean what woman or man could resist the softer sex if they were naked in a crystal-blue pool with Silvie or Kaylee?
Enjoy this awesome video of two beautiful girls as they make-out and make love with their lips, tongues and fingers in paradise.
Very cool shots with the underwater camera too! ;-)
P.S. You may notice in the titles this video is called 'Girlfriends'. Anyway that is because I had named it that and then realized after rendering it that we already have a video with Silvie called Girlfriends (duh, I should have known that). Anyway, instead of waiting for hours to re-render the video and make new versions I am posting it like this. Soooo, hope you guys like our underwater girlfriends. LOL
P.P.S I'm pretty sure even though the pool temperature was chilly, this video will get you hot and wet!
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Released: September 16, 2012
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