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Lisa "Personal Intimacy 2"

Lisa "Personal Intimacy 2"
Lisa "Personal Intimacy 2"
TheLifeErotic 2017-05-19 Lisa "Personal Intimacy 2" by James Cook
Lisa is a gorgeous, blue-eyed babe from Ukraine with a slim, perfect body and waist-length blonde hair worn in a ponytail. Arriving home, she admires herself in a full-length wall mirror. She’s dressed in a flower-embellished dark-blue leather jacket, matching leather pants and an army-green blouse. After removing her jacket, she strips off the blouse to expose pert and braless medium-sized breasts. She continues to strip, showing off her incredible ass and thighs in the tight pants before peeling them down to reveal large, plain white underwear. She pauses to admire herself, playfully pulling her panties tight into her crack and slit. Then she gets naked, raising them to her nose to smell her own arousal as she flaunts her shaved pussy. She swipes the panties along her slit, mopping up even more juices, then trails her hand down her naked body, homing in on her pussy almost immediately. She sinks down to sit on the floor, watching herself in the mirror as she sniffs and licks her panty-crotch, with her other hand strumming her clit hard and fast. Her legs are splayed and her toes pointed as she moans out loud, then she rubs the panties over her slit again, this time for extra friction. As her pleasure increases, she sinks down to lie on the floor, squirming, and stuffs the underwear into her mouth as a gag, attempting – with little success – to muffle her moans. One hand is now caressing her pussy as the other fingers her asshole. Finally, she sits facing the mirror so she can watch as she frigs her clit and pussy, finally reaching a frenzied climax. As she cums she slumps on her back, gasping for breath, and clutches her panties to her face. Then she lounges, feet up against the mirror, blissfully admiring her cute pink pussy as she drifts off to sleep.
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